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Spotlight on Safety

Safety is so important to our company culture, it is the first pillar in our mission statement: “To foster a safe work environment for our employees and the general public.”

Safety at Lakeside Industries is a core value.

We do not consider safety as a priority, but instead a value. Priorities change, whereas values endure. At Lakeside, safety and production go hand in hand. It is not safety or production, safety vs. production, or even safety and production. We call it safe production.

Safety is our paramount commitment.

We are committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers, subcontractors, engineers and inspectors, and the traveling public on our projects.


Our vision is to not only get every employee on a Lakeside project home safe at the end of their shift, but to get them to return safely back to work from home the next day.


Our mission is to build a culture of safety leaders who are empowered to identify and correct unsafe conditions and behaviors. This is built on the foundation of our What’s Your Exposure (WYE) program and our Safety 24/7 culture promoting safety at work, at home, and at play.

Safety is a long-standing tradition.

Lakeside is a pioneer in safety. We were one of the first construction companies in the Pacific Northwest to hire a full-time corporate safety director in the early 1960s. Since 1961, we have held an annual safety awards recognition program to honor our accomplishments and our retirees. We are also proud to be one of the first construction companies to implement a drug testing program in 1985.

Safety is dynamic and innovative.

Never resting in our relentless pursuit of exceptional safety, we challenge the status quo. We embrace new ideas and leverage technology and apps. We facilitate interactive safety meetings to promote team-based problem-solving.

We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for our employees. Our efforts have earned us recognition by NAPA for safety innovation.

Safety is our culture and embedded in everything we do.

Our work is performed in demanding environments and challenging worksite conditions. Our strong safety record is a result of top-down leadership commitment, supervisory accountability, and employee engagement in safety.

Company Safety Program

Lakeside has a comprehensive safety and health program. We participate in various owner and contractor prequalification and screening programs and processes. Owners and contractors recognize that Lakeside has demonstrated strong performance when it comes to safety. Lakeside’s safety program goes above and beyond basic regulatory compliance with local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

   Active members since:

1960              1969               1990


Safety Leadership Roles & Responsibilities

We have an entire department dedicated to ensuring our company is doing everything we can to make a positive impact on safety within our company and industry-wide.

Lakeside safety staff hold leadership roles and responsibilities in the following organizations: 

  • Construction Advisory Council
  • Construction Business Owner magazine (editorial review board)
  • Construction Financial Management Association (Heavy/Highway Task Force; Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention)
  • Construction Safety Day (planning committee)
  • National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Executive Committee and Co-Lead, Workplace Task Force)
  • National Asphalt Pavement Association (Safety & Health Committee)
  • Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association (Safety Committee)
  • Washington Asphalt Pavement Association & Washington Department of Transportation Paving Work Zone Risk Reduction Committee (Co-Chair)
  • Washington State Governors Industrial Safety & Health Conference (Past President & Emeritus member, Advisory Board)
  • Safer Homes Task Force