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We’re proud of our work to protect the environment. As expressed in our mission statement, we are committed to preserving the environment through recycling, continually improving technology, and the dedicated acts of each individual. Personal environmental awareness and responsibility is key to our success and the sustainability of our future. We expect every employee to embrace the Lakeside mission and support our environmental commitments. At work and at home, 24/7, we create peace of mind for ourselves, our customers, and the public knowing that we are dedicated to building a healthy, productive, and sustainable future.

In 1993, we were one of the first companies of our kind to create an Environmental & Land Use program and employ a full-time director of the program. Our Environmental & Land Use department works closely with company management and site personnel to review planning needs and develop and implement best practices relating to the mining of aggregates, the production of hot-mix asphalt, land reclamation, and sustainable construction. This program has led to a company-wide dedication to our environmental goals, and a commitment that Lakeside not only meets regulations, but strives to go beyond them. In fact, we have earned a reputation amongst regulators and peers for doing exactly that.

We are community-centric in our focus on environmental sustainability. We are members of the communities in which we operate and work. Our investment in our operations, people, and communities not only delivers environmentally sustainable results, but also fosters trust and confidence from the communities we serve.