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Our Supporters

The following organizations have pledged their support for the Maple Valley Plant

Laborers Local Union 242

Laborers international Union 242 logo
Dale Bright, Political Director

Quilceda Paving & Construction Inc.

“Quilceda Paving & Construction, a proud supporter of all things Lakeside Industries. Especially the approval of your Maple Valley Asphalt Plant.”

– Rick Norman, President


Tony Lind Paving

Tony Lind Paving Logo



Gallagher company logo

The following individuals have pledged their support for the Maple Valley Plant
“We have an understanding of all the great things Lakeside Industries accomplishes, and how the company cares for the environment, serving the growth of our region.”

V. Robigou, Art, Science and Education at Ocean et Terra Studio


This is a great location for an asphalt plant. I hope the community can recognize the benefits.”

Robert Hallowell, Pacific CM


“This plant will reduce the traffic in the Renton highlands that we will get once the covington plant closes, due to the fact that all the material will end up being produced in issaquah due to the closing.”

Kevin Strunk


“Lakeside is the best.”

Sally Gross


“I fully support the asphalt plant.”

Mark Gayman


This is a much needed facility to maintain our asphalt needs.  I have been using Lakeside for over 20 years in which they have always done a very good job.  They have always been aware of the environment around them and kept the job very clean putting SCE at ease.  We here at SCE support Lakeside 100 percent.”

Chuck DeyoSnohomish County Excavating Inc  (SCE)


“I’ve known the company for many years and you will not find a better neighbor”

Steve Johnsen


“Thanks for all you do!”

Terri WhiteTeacher- Kent School District


“Think it will be great for the community.”

Kyle Conklin


Lakeside has been a MV/Covington community business since I was a kid. I have no doubt about Lakeside’s environmental compliance at any location. Full support for the new facility and continued business in our community. Go Blue!”

Jeff Hooper


“Lakeside is great company all around that always keeps environmental awareness in mind.”

Shaun White, Lakeside Kent Division


As a past employee who has seen three decades of the most conscientious management practices in the industry.

Every employee is encouraged and enabled to exceed industry standards.

The result is the Lakeside effort as a family of management and employees will continue to be the best addition to a community you can count on that.

The amazing ability to recycle and provide quality Asphalt to protect and keep that infrastructure we have invested both our tax and private dollars will be in trusted hands.”

Patrick DuniganRetiree. Operating Engineer


I’m so proud to work for Lakeside, and am excited about the positive impact our company will have in Maple Valley.

The owners care deeply about the environment, the community, and their employees. They always take the necessary time to do things the right way, and lead the company with an excellent set of values and a sincere concern for safety.

I truly believe the community of Maple Valley will grow to love Lakeside as much as I do!”

Catina Piliaris, Lakeside Industries


I wish there were more companies like Lakeside. Thank you for all that you do!”

Kimberly Milan


“This is a fantastic company! I cant wait to have you as part of our community!”

Amanda Gross


Lakeside is an amazing company that does so much for the community and all their employees.”

Katie Peabody


“A great company providing the needed resources for sustainable infrastructure in our communities and the State of Washington.”

Doug Stiffarm, Miles Resources


I know your company cares about the environment.”

Michael Parriera, Retired


The making of asphalt has almost no impact on the environment and is heavily regulated.  LAKESIDE goes above and beyond to meet or regulations or even do more than required.”

George Storrs


Lakeside has strict employee policies on safety, guidelines, and regulations. They are not a careless company.  You can almost always see a lakeside truck or two traveling on maple valley highway as it is.  It would be these same trucks coming in and out of the plant….. I am highly skeptical that traffic would be any different as a result of this plant.”

Lance McKay, Lakeside Industries


Love Lakeside!!”

Danielle Lewis


This is so important for the community to maintain industrial zoned areas to service our infrastructure needs.  Pushing these resources further away will have severe impacts on all of us.  There are plenty of measures and compliance requirements to minimize or completely eliminate any impact to surrounding areas.”

Dax Woolston, Lakeside Industries


“… Business creates revenue; government needs revenue to operate. Home pricing and availability are directly related to construction cost and timing. When resources are strategically located everyone benefits, including the end user and the government. Lakeside’s new location is a benefit to all.”

Ryan Qualls, Pro Grade Enterprises Inc.

Kory Sisk
Danielle Miller
Chris Gross
Dusty Barringer
Rhoady Lee

Lakeside Industries extends a huge thank you to these organizations and individuals for their support. If you would like to show your support for the project, please click the link below!

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