2022 Washington State Lifesaving Award Recipient

Lakeside Industries


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Annually Washington State Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board holds a conference offering training and education for workplace safety and health. In this training, Lifesaving and Humanitarian awards are presented to employees in the State of Washington who performed a lifesaving action.

We are proud to announce that John Ussery, Kent Paving Foreman, was recognized at this the 2022 conference in September for his lifesaving effort. John was awarded Lakeside’s Lifesaving Award as well at our 2022 Awards Brunch that was presented during our annual training.

On May 19th, 2021, John was traveling on a state route when he came upon a motor vehicle accident where a vehicle had struck a power pole. John used his work truck and trailer to block the road and moved to the vehicle to assist with any injuries. After calling 911, he assisted the passenger who was in shock and traumatized. He then moved to assist the driver and found that the driver had been shot and was bleeding excessively from the chest. Using his prior experience in the military and law enforcement, John applied a sucking chest wound bandage and worked on establishing an airway. John worked with the paramedics to perform CPR, but unfortunately after 22 minutes of CPR, the driver did not survive.

John assisted with securing the scene of the accident, helped the passenger in shock, and did everything in his power to save the life of the driver. John is an inspiration, and we are proud that he was recognized at the 71st annual Governors Industrial Safety and Health Conference this year. Congratulations John!

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