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About us


Lakeside Industries is committed to protecting the health of our environment through recycling, technological advancements, and the dedicated acts of each employee.

Environmental & Land Use Department

Setting the Standards for Environmental Stewardship

In 1993, Lakeside Industries was the one of the first companies in our industry to formally recognize the importance of environmentally sustainable manufacturing and construction by creating an Environmental & Land Use Department and employing a full-time Director to lead the program.

Our Environmental & Land Use Department works closely with management and site personnel to develop and maintain sustainable processes and procedures for aggregate mining, hot-mix asphalt production, land reclamation, construction, and development. With the company’s leadership, support, and commitment to exceptional operations, Lakeside Industries has advanced its environmental goals and created a rich culture of sustainability company-wide.

As long-established leaders in this industry, we set the standards for environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. Neighbors recognize Lakeside as a community partner that supports local growth and a responsible steward of the environment in which we operate and work. Customers and partners look at Lakeside as an example of how to improve their own sustainability efforts. This is why we not only meet industry environmental standards, but go above and beyond them. Regulators trust Lakeside’s dedication.

Environmental Sustainability

A Community-Centric Approach to Sustainability

Lakeside Industries is a third-generation, family-owned company with employees who live and work in the communities in which we do business. We pride ourselves on being good neighbors.

Lakeside has a longstanding record of environmental sustainability, earning the King County Green Globe Award among other national environmental awards. We have a community-centric approach when it comes to environmental sustainability. We are partners of the communities in which we serve – our investment in our operations, people, and communities not only delivers environmentally sustainable results, but also fosters trust and confidence from the communities we serve.

A Trusted Environmental Partner

Infrastructure & Recycleability

Asphalt production and paving projects are a critical part of maintaining our communities’ infrastructure providing safe, quiet, and cost-effective pavements. Asphalt itself is a 100% recyclable material and Lakeside does its part to fully utilize this important factor. Our asphalt-production facilities operate cleanly and efficiently, recycling old road materials into new recycled asphalt mix.

Not only do our environmental initiatives deliver real results, but they also foster trust between Lakeside and the communities we serve. Lakeside has been recognized by King County as one of the largest recyclers in our area and we are proud to continue to make a positive impact.

Lakeside Awards and Recognitions