Life at Lakeside

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Life at Lakeside

Lakeside Industries’ continued success is a direct result of the experience, loyalty, and diversity of our employees: a workforce of highly experienced people who pride themselves on quality.

At Lakeside we’re not just co-workers; we’re family. Our company culture is a testament to that.

The average tenure of a Lakeside employee exceeds 10 years, with many people spending their entire working careers with the company. With that kind of longevity, we’re dedicated to fostering a productive, healthy workforce. Through positive workplace practices, competitive compensation, and opportunities for growth and personal development for all employees, treating our people right is what we do here at Lakeside. Many of our supervisors and management personnel started their careers in the field, working into leadership positions.  We strongly believe in promoting from within.

We are proud to employ union Laborers, Operators, and Teamsters in our field operations. Because we believe knowledge is at the core of a better and more fulfilled workforce, we offer a variety of training and education opportunities for all employees to grow and develop.

Why Join Lakeside

We Care About Our People & The Communities We Live In

Ask anyone who works at Lakeside to describe our culture and you’ll more than likely hear the word “Family”. Lakeside is more than a workplace, it’s a place where we care about each other. Whether you’re from a family that has worked here for generations, coming fresh from a trade school, or anywhere in between, you will be welcomed into the Lakeside Family.

We not only care deeply about our immediate Lakeside Family, but we also care about the communities we live and work in. We take pride in building and connecting the roads, bridges, and airports in the communities where we live. Recruiting and employing people in these communities creates better engagement – empowering our employees to take pride in making a difference in their own neighborhoods. Additionally, Lakeside is proud to support various local community organizations, through both donations and volunteering. 

Lakeside believes in giving back to the communities where we live, operate, and work.  

We Care for Each Other

At Lakeside we believe that enjoying the people we work with and what we do makes all the difference. We have a culture where people are excited to come to work. Through our positive and fun work environment, we work hard as a team to accomplish our goals and go out of our way to take care of each other. This is our secret sauce and one of the many reasons people stay at Lakeside as long as they do. We take great pride in our employee retention and longevity.

We Provide Opportunities for Growth

Employees at Lakeside have the opportunity to create and build long-lasting, successful, and meaningful careers. Many of our employees in key leadership roles started their careers in the field with a shovel and rake in hand. 

Our people truly are our best asset. We have the hardest-working, smartest, and most talented people in the industry. To help our employees reach their career goals, we provide training, and mentoring to set up plans for success. This allows us to promote from within, staying true to the values we have worked so hard over the years to uphold. 

Career Map

  • Entry Level, High School, Pre-Apprenticeship

  • Community College, Technical College

  • University Degree

  • Quality, Safety, Environment, Finance, HR, IT

  • Craft Professional/Journeyman

  • Internships

  • Foreperson

  • Project Engineer

  • Superintendent

  • Project Manager

  • Management


What it's like working at Lakeside