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About us


Lakeside Industries is an industry-recognized leader in asphalt production and design. With sixteen asphalt plants, specialized mix formulas, and advanced testing capabilities, we produce high-quality asphalt that is used in every one of our paving projects, regardless of project size or scope. 

Innovative Asphalt Testing

Along with our asphalt plants, we have eight innovative testing laboratories, supported by in-house laboratory equipment and expert quality control staff. The labs are strategically located to fully support all our asphalt plants. We are one of the few asphalt production companies to utilize a Hamburg rut testing device which allows for complete quality control over our mix designs. This also gives us the ability to implement a faster turnaround when presented with material changes during the production process.

Precise Attention to Detail

With a legacy built on quality, Lakeside Industries strives for excellence in every product we release, continuously improving for the betterment of each and every project we’re a part of. In addition to our state-of-the-art testing equipment and production capabilities, our teams make informed decisions and adjustments to guarantee we achieve our high-quality standards every time. 

These values of quality, attention to detail, and innovation are engrained in who we are and how we do things at Lakeside. Time after time, our employees diligently take the necessary steps to ensure every single batch of asphalt is exceptional. 

Enduring Commitment to Quality and Innovation

We are proud to say our customers, partners, and the general public highly regard us for our ability to meet and exceed set quality standards. Lakeside participates in a joint committee with WSDOT, where we collaborate and implement specification changes to improve asphalt production and testing. Additionally, our teams have received recognition from the National Asphalt Pavement Association, State Departments of Transportation, The Washington and Oregon Pavement Associations, and many other respected organizations for their enduring commitment to quality and innovation.

Lakeside Awards and Recognitions