We sell aggregates for use on all types of projects, whether it be a home renovation project, small paving job, or large commercial operation.

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We are proud to provide locally sourced, high-quality products such as crushed aggregate, recycled products, quarry rock, and sand.

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Visit our location page to view the aggregate products and services offered at select locations.

Aggregate Material Uses

Aggregates are an essential building block for our infrastructure. From the roads we drive on to the homes we live in, it all requires rock. In the construction industry we use aggregates to build our communities from the ground up. Some examples of aggregate use include:

  • Asphalt roadways
  • Ready-mix concrete
  • Roadway bases
  • Pathways and trails
  • Landscaping
  • Erosion control & drainage

Lakeside Industries Aggregate Sales and Distribution

Lakeside Industries offers a wide range of aggregate products to accommodate our customers’ needs. Visit our location page to view the products and services offered at each Lakeside location.

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