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  • Easy to use year-round
  • Works in water, and all weather conditions and temperatures
  • Environmentally safe and friendly
  • No mixing required, ready to place
  • Permanent
  • Lab tested and approved
  • Instantly ready for track after compaction
  • Material of choice for most contractors
  • Approved by State DOT’s (Washington, California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Nevada) and City DOTs (Seattle, Portland, Spokane and Yakima)
  • Available in bulk by the ton (1 & 2-ton bulk bags) and by the bag (35lb and 50lb plastic bags)
  • Guaranteed workability
  • Stockpiles for extended periods of time

To find out how EZ Street can save you money, or to have your EZ Street material delivered, contact or call Rob Rosson directly at (425)313-2681.