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That depends on your definition of tough? If you mean hard, probably not, however “hard” does not always equate to durable. Push concrete beyond its breaking point and it becomes a pile of rocks. EZ STREET asphalt bonds to all concrete and asphalt surfaces while remaining flexible enough to stay put without cracking.

Seen tree roots growing out of a sidewalk lately? Replacing trip hazards caused by tree roots in concrete is both expensive and tedious. EZ STREET asphalt is ready to go right out of the bag. Man hole surrounds, catch basin lids, and storm drain covers can also be problematic when working with concrete. For those of us who have had the pleasure of adjusting the height of a manhole set in concrete, there is now a better mousetrap…EZ STREET asphalt’s flexible nature makes working in these tight areas easier. Height adjustments are quicker and more efficient without the need to remove and replace broken concrete.

EZ STREET asphalt bridges the gap between hard and durable to become, well…..pretty darn tough. Are you ready for EZ STREET asphalt in your concrete repair applications?