Lakeside Women Paving The Way

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Lakeside Women Paving the Way is a community of employees passionate about addressing women’s role in the ever-changing landscape of the asphalt industry. Inspired by the national organization.

Women of Asphalt, the group tackles various subjects as women are progressively assuming more prominent roles in our industry. By offering workplace development opportunities, education, encouragement, and support, the group aims to empower women in an industry historically dominated by men.

In 2017, Lakeside took initiative to establish this group as many leaders across the company saw the great opportunity to support the women within our organization. In a short span of time, the group implemented a range of positive changes that benefited all employees.

After pausing meetings due to the pandemic, Lakeside Women Paving the Way gathered again in early 2023. The group met for a full-day conference where they were able to get together as a collective, exchange ideas, discuss issues, and foster a greater sense of community. From discussions on enhancing recruitment efforts and fostering a diverse and empowering workplace to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, the group engaged in various productive conversations. They covered a range of important topics, exploring potential solutions and sharing ideas on how to enhance practices we already have. As the meeting concluded, a great sense of unity and camaraderie solidified the success of the group.

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