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Frostad Road to Sharpes Corner Vic.

Owner     Washington State Dept. of Transportation

General Contractor     Lakeside Industries, Inc.

The Anacortes division completed night work on a two-lane stretch of Highway 20 on Whidbey and Fidgalo Islands in 2015. The job required Lakeside to replace pavement on the historic Deception Pass and Canoe Pass bridges. These bridges were built in 1938 and are narrow, with no shoulders.

Because the bridges are heavily congested during the peak tourist season, the project demanded all work to be completed at night. The specifications required us to mill the old asphalt, repair any damage to the bridge deck, place waterproof membrane and repave all in a tight, five-night closure window. Working with what WSDOT said would probably be an “impossible” schedule to meet, our crews and subcontractors finished the project in just three nights, with the new, smooth, quieter highway available to the traveling public.